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Manual therapy, craniosacral therapy, postural restoration, yoga therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy.

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Shine Yoga

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Offering daily yoga and qigong
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The therapists at Shine have helped me with a couple of different problems and the care is always absolutely excellent. They look to the cause and treat that not just the problem itself. I also had one medical problem that the therapist knew she could not help with and she was the first to admit that it was a medical issue out of her scope, whilst also making a great physician recommendation. I would recommend Shine to anyone who needs physical therapy.

- Ian C.

I have suffered with headaches for years and truly thought that was just the way my body was built. I had tried everything else and all kinds of pain killers but they always came back. One session of CranioSacral Therapy at Shine gave me relief that I didn't think was possible!

- Heather R.

My shoulder has not felt this good in years thanks to Jenny. It is wonderful to have all of my movement back... and without pain. She is simply one of the best out there. Thanks so much for helping me get through the tough part... recovering from the surgery!

-Steve C.

To be able to have my therapist also be my yoga teacher has been superbly helpful in my healng process. Tasha is so skilled as a healer and as a yoga instructor that I feel immensely grateful that I found her and Shine. She has been able to take my individual issues and translate them seemlessly into a community yoga class without skipping a beat. I never feel singled out because I am a patient; in fact, I feel a continuity that I have never experienced in my life that is truly beautiful. Even when I'm finished with PT, I will keep taking classes at Shine Yoga with Tasha and the other great teachers there. What an amazing place and wonderful group of people.

- Susan H.

All of the therapists at Shine are highly skilled and caring. I really loved the 'team' of all 3 PTs working with me. This may not work at other clinics, but here they pull it off seamlessly! I continue to practice the exercises and yoga asanas that I learned from my rehabilitation sessions in my daily practice. The therapists are continually learning new ways to approach their profession, and are stellar at communicating complex physical injuries and solutions for them from a profound knowledge base that is still accessible to the patients. The support staff is exemplary and caring in every way, too.
- Kimberly W.

The philosophy at Shine is so unique and simple: the body wants to ~and knows how to~ heal... it just needs a nudge sometimes! I really appreciate the therapists ability to restore physical balance with a readily-accessible PT routine. Their passion for a strong and sturdy physical structure is only matched by their desire for health and wellness for each and every client they serve -- there is no feeling of being rushed or "herded through" the clinic. My therapists inspired me to keep my own "personal equipment" in quality, working order with creative, integrative therapy tailored specifically to my needs.
- Suzanne B.

I would highly recommend Shine to anyone seeking integrative care. I didn't know much about cranial-sacral therapy, and was unsure if it could have any impact on my chronic headaches, but I was completely blown away by its immediate effects and relief. The therapy, coupled with education, reduced my headaches dramatically within weeks. After years of trying other therapies and directions, I couldn't believe the difference. Both Emily and Tasha were a pleasure to work with and taught me how to integrate good practices and exercises into my daily routine that allow me to help keep my headaches at bay. Shine is an outstanding integrative care practice: professional, caring, and focused on long-term, deep healing.

- Ashley O.

Most people go to a physical therapy clinic to heal an immediate physical injury. By that measure, Shine is certainly one of the best. But what strikes me most about the therapists at Shine is their holistic approach, as reflected in the philosophy described on the Shine web site and that is embodied by everyone at Shine. Whenever I've gone there for treatment of various distance running-related injuries over the past few years, I've come away healed and able to run pain-free again after a few sessions. But each time I've also gained new knowledge to help prevent injuries by understanding my body better and knowing how to troubleshoot problems in the early stages.

The approach to physical therapy at Shine integrates healing for body, mind, and spirit, which after all are more interconnected than we sometimes realize. I experienced the full power of this holistic approach most recently when I went to Shine for a nagging running injury that was closely linked to an episode of depression. Because I trusted the therapists at Shine enough to share the whole picture of what was going on, we were able to combine manual therapy to heal the immediate physical injury, exercises to correct the underlying structural imbalances, and craniosacral therapy and friendly conversation to help me reintegrate and rebalance. I highly recommend Shine's approach for anyone seeking both immediate healing and greater empowerment to stay healthy over the long term.

- Todd D.

Two years ago, after over a decade of battling a pattern of periodic episodes of excruciating back/hip pain, I made the decision to take the surgery option. Fortunately, my brother suggested I try one last time to address the issue through exercise. As an early diagnosis was that I had a "sacroiliac joint" issue, I again conducted extensive research on the topic, and a search for a physical therapist with knowledge of SI Joints. The search led me to the Shine Integrative Physical Therapy web site; I read the philosophy. I thought "really?" I have to be honest, for a 52 yr-old traditionally conservative guy it seemed different. I was a 'give me the exercise, I'll do it and I should get better' kind of guy. Yet something possessed me to step out of my comfort zone - nothing worked so far and surgery was next, so I stepped out of character and I called Shine.

The result - no surgery and for the 2 years since- no back/hip pain and my back/hip no longer limits my lifestyle. From the beginning, my PT's objective was to teach me how to uncover long-lasting and deep healing for myself. She did. She taught me key exercises and perhaps unknowingly, a new mind-set toward myself and my overall health. She was patient and empathetic while working with me. I will never know how much of my healing is due to her ability to diagnose my issue and the physical exercises she taught me (which I continue to do) and how much was due to my 'clearing out the thought-patterns that hindered me'. What I do know is that the Shine PTs are first-rate medical professionals, experts, and scientists. She is highly academically-trained, exceptionally knowledgeable, spiritually gifted, and has wisdom about how the human body and spirit work that is beyond her years…..oh, and I know my back and hip still doesn't hurt!

- Randy R.

I feel so fortunate to have found Shine when I needed physical therapy. As the clinic name implies, the folks at Shine draw from a broad range of modalities to create an individualized treatment plan appropriate to each patient, rather than relying on a one-approach-fits-all style.

Everyone there is strongly involved in the community and they have a wide range of contacts on which to call when necessary. At one point I needed to be referred out and my therapist realized this immediately. She recommended a wonderful physician who was more than pleased to coordinate with Shine regarding my ongoing care.

While the therapist's technical knowledge is most impressive, they are also gifted teachers. Their encouragement of me to engage with my own healing process has changed the way I relate to my body, and that has improved my life beyond simply healing from my injury. Besides their clinical expertise, Tasha, Jenny and Emily are lovely, warm, caring people and are fun to be around. They have made recovery a joy instead of a chore.

- Marsha G.

Emily is talented with a combination of knowledge and intuition. She is both a scientist and artist with the gift of quickly analyzing the issue and applying the proper treatment.

- Bob S.

My sister recommended Shine for physical therapy treatment of my recurring sport injury pains after her own great experience. The therapists at Shine have been a delight to work with! They are both attentive and efficient and I love how they use a wide range of traditional and nontraditional approaches to give me an individualized and well-rounded treatment. My training has improved and better yet, I'm enjoying running again!

- Amy S.

I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t had to take any medications since last week and haven’t had a single headache. I am a craniosacral therapy convert! You’ve made such a big difference. I was really starting to think that I would be stuck taking those pills forever. I came in for my rotator cuff, and you fixed my head (and shoulder)! I’m sending my husband to you next. Thanks again!

- Carrie M.

I want to thank you for the tremendous change you have made in my life. When I first came to see you I had such severe sciatica there were times I could not even sit down. I had to take Vicodin but the excrutiating pain would still wake me up at night. Your approach in therapy was so positive and encouraging that I was happy to follow the take-home exercises. I looked forward to therapy in spite of some discomfort I might expect because of your joyful spirit and gentle manner. Each treatment session I saw improvement. I had greater mobility and decreasing pain. Today, I have absolutely no sciatic pain. You were able to identify a problem in my hip alignment that had been causing the pain and worked with me to correct it. I now have full range of motion and can walk, sit and sleep uninterrupted. What I appreciate as much if not even more, is your humanity. I was always so much more than muscles, bones and nerves. Your sensitivity and caring are beautiful gifts to your patients. Today I am well enough to be doing Yoga. You have helped me come so far!

- Julie Z.

I have been to many different PT's throughout my life and Emily is the best :). She is knowledgeable, experienced, fun, and kind. I have been impressed with her training on many different practices; she can provide you with the best care for what you need.

- Haley G.

Emily is a talented healer and a caring, giving person. Even though I've only had 3 appointments, my pain is subsiding. I feel like my life trajectory has changed and I'm now on a path to health, with Emily to help guide the way!

- Dawn C.

I have degenerative spine disorder, 4 rods in my back and chronic pain. This is the first place I have been that has actually helped me. The pain level has gone from levels 7-8 to 3 out of 10. Emily is not only knowledgable but she has a great sense of humor and is a delight to be with. I have been to a lot of PT specialists; I tell you she is the best and most helpful of all.

- Sandy V.